Is actually testosterone truly the reply to my personal post-menopausal sexual difficulties? | Interactions |

I will be a 58-year-old lesbians. Ever since the menopausal, i’ve not had any sexual emotions

: masturbat

ion doesn’t work and I also never

get moist more and are extremely disappointed about it

. Really the only kind of arousal personally i think is during

fantasies about a Hollywood actress on whom I have many enormous crush.


recommended testosterone, which horrified me.

Could there be something i could do in order to restore my personal intimate feelings?

I can comprehend your own reticence about using a hormone agent – many others feel the same way. Perhaps it seems unnatural, or you are involved that supplementary testosterone might have side effects. Inside scenario, though, I absolutely advise you are taking your own GP’s guidance. As women get older, we make a reduced amount of the key human hormones being present previous in daily life – notably oestrogen and testosterone – that increase gender making it comfortable. When oestrogen is lacking, a lady does not feel the exact same amount of lube as a preparation for intercourse. Testosterone is also a significant sex hormone for males and females, of course it is far from at an optimum amount for a lady she will have reduced sexual desire. Talk to your GP once more, ask all the crucial questions you have got about security and side-effects while making up your mind from inside the complete knowledge of your alternatives.

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